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  • Joanna Vinacour

How to change careers

My top 5 tips

When thinking about changing careers it has brought up all sorts of emotions for me in the past and as I have been through this myself and I wanted to share some of my top tips.

Tip 1

Think about all the interests you have had over the years, right from when you were at school, college or university through to early careers and mid-career jobs. List as many as you can the sky is the limit. Think about voluntary roles and well as well paid jobs.

I often find when working with clients that hobbies or voluntary roles they have had in the past can spark a new interest they never thought of before.

Tip 2

What are your key skills that you have used the most over the years? Which ones would you like to more of or less off?

This again is a really lovely way to think about all the skills you have whether it’s creativity, organisational, flower arranging or car mechanics. Really think over the span of your life so far what skills you have developed. This really great for helping to boost your self confidence in making that career change.

Tip 3

Take a moment and visualise if you could do anything in the world what would be? What would it feel like? What would you be doing? Get creative, draw pictures or create a mood board. Ignore your self-limiting beliefs, the skies the limit in this career change!

Tip 4

Come up with a list of jobs roles you would like to research further for your career change through somewhere like the National Careers Service, or are good sources just to get you started for ideas.

Tip 5

Network and speak to others about your ideas for a career change either within your network or if you would like to a professional service like JV Career coach to talk your through these changes as part of structured coaching programme.

JV Career coach offers structured, tailored coaching sessions that takes you through each step using in depth questionnaires to guide conversations. Giving you that chance to talk through with a certified career coach and HR professional, that can guide you as the client with also a good understanding of what employers are also looking for in their next hire.

For more information on how a career coach can help you visit

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