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  • Joanna Vinacour

Career planning whilst in lockdown

Now, even more than ever, is the perfect time to think about planning your future career path. Lockdown has affected us all in so many different ways, whether you have continued to work, have been furloughed or faced redundancy. These times have given many of us some to time to re-evaluate and think - what’s next?

A useful exercise that I often ask my clients is to think about what satisfying achievements they have had in their career? You could try this yourself at home:

On one half of the page note down 3-4 achievements (these can be in your professional life or outside of work).

On the other half of the page note down what elements of your achievements you found most satisfying.

What skills did you use?

What strengths did you play too?

Can you notice any patterns?

Were there any surprises? How did that make you feel? More motivated? An increased positive state of mind?

This exercise is one of many that I use with clients to help navigate their next steps. This simple assessment has proven to really help clarify and establish what is really important.

To explore further what your next role might be please get in touch Joanna Vinacour, a qualified Career Coach and experienced HR professional. For more information you can find at

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